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5 Top Tips on How to Sell Your House in Coventry

Moving Home Mortgage Advice in Coventry

The general consensus when it comes to moving home in Coventry is that a homeowner will need to sell their current home initially. By selling your home, you will release the equity within it ( the amount at which you will sell it for minus your current mortgage balance), then use this amount as a deposit towards your next purchase.

In spite of this, lots of homeowners will not look to sell their property until they have found the new one they would like to buy. As soon as you have found that property, it’s very likely you’ll be selling your home in no time.

It’s all about how you want to market and present your home when it is listed for sale. This can have a significant effect on how quickly your home sells. Below are some key points that can help quicken up the sale process when you are moving home in Coventry.

How to Sell a House in Coventry: our Top Tips

1. Attractive Property Prices

Even though many sellers do know that selling your home over the price can become problematic, we do still find people go for the Estate Agents recommendation. They will usually suggest the highest potential sale price.

With websites like Zoopla and Rightmove increasingly at the forefront of the property market, buyers can easily view newly listed properties at attractive prices. Keep in mind that if you have no interest at the start, there’s a high chance that your home has been overvalued.

2. Kerbside Appeal

In terms of your property viewings, it’s best that you have a look around your own home from the perspective of someone who is looking at your home for the first time. Your property needs to have that “kerbside appeal”. This is when the first impression a viewer has on your home, needs to be a positive one.

Little details go a long way so consider freshly jet-washing your drive and cutting any hedges and grass in the front garden. Obviously, these won’t be the main factors that will sell the property, however, it shows a buyer that you have taken great care of your home.

Furthermore, this will help build an attractive approach to your home and will mean the buyer will generally expect the inside to be just as nice. While you are washing the drive and cutting the garden, it’s a good time to have a good tidy up and clean up too. If there is anything left in the front of the property like bikes or toys, make sure you put these away.

3. Tidy up the Inside of Your Home

When you have sorted out the exterior of your home to make it tidy, then you need to begin looking at the inside of your home. Make sure you have a thorough inspection of each room, in particular, your kitchen and bathroom.

Below are some key points to consider:

The overall atmosphere in your home should be welcoming and relaxing for your buyer, therefore, maybe look at arranging for any pets or young children to be out of the house when the viewing happens. This can also minimise any distractions.

If you do have a family and live in a property that is perfect for someone to grow a family, look at adding these touches to your property. Placing family pictures around the home can be a brilliant way for a buyer to build a picture of what it may be like to bring up a family in the home.

Visuals are key throughout property viewing. Build up an appealing aesthetic throughout your home by adding little details like colour-coordinated towels and other bits of home decor. To push this further, remove any clothes or items you don’t use daily to make the rooms look spotless and clean.

4. Making Your Back Garden Presentable

It’s very likely that the back garden will be the final place buyers will look, therefore, it’s important you live an excellent lasting impression. It’s likely that the viewer would want to look at the inside of your garage or shed, therefore, don’t just put everything in there, make sure you give it a good tidy.

As mentioned for the front of the garden, it’s good to cut the grass in the back garden and trimming any overgrown hedges to make it look tidy. Something else to keep in mind is looking at weeding along the paths and walkways to make it even neater.

If you have it, maybe look at the current state of your fences. Try and make them tidier by covering any holes and adding a fresh coat of paint.

5. Personal touches

Many viewers like to hear a first-hand experience of what it’s like living in the property they are interested in. With this in mind, it’s best to carry out viewings in person. You can sell it in the most personal way possible and will be likely more passionate about your home.

By doing this, you will be able to provide an honest experience by highlighting any small issues you have found over the years. It’s best to balance out the good and the bad of the home to the buyer so this will definitely help achieve this.

If you are showing the buyer around yourself, it’s important to give them space. Give them time to walk around on their own when appropriate so they can feel comfortable talking amongst themselves about their opinions of the place.

The final point to keep in mind is the emotions attached to buying a home. You may find that your viewers have experienced owning a home before so could be looking at moving home in Coventry themselves.

For an emotional touch to their viewing experience, it’s good to mention how living in the home has been an important part of your life whether it’s where you have raised a family or it was your first home. This can impact viewers on the emotional impact the home has had and adds a personal touch to the property overall.

Date Last Edited: December 6, 2023

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