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Moving Home Mortgage Advice

Are you thinking of Moving Home and are looking for advice from an Expert Mortgage Broker in Coventry? Well, you have come to the right place if you are!

Moving House can be stressful, especially if you are sorting everything by yourself. It can be even harder if you’re selling a property at the same time as trying to buy one.

This is where an Experienced Mortgage Broker in Coventry will come in handy. We will use all of our years of valuable experience to ensure that your mortgage application saves you money and runs smoothly.

Common Home Mover Mortgage Scenarios:

  • Want to know how much you can borrow so you’re ready to move?
  • Need an idea about how much your new mortgage will cost?
  • Have you already looked at a property and wish to put in an offer?
  • Has an offer you’ve made been accepted and now you need to start your mortgage application?
  • Have you seen a few properties and now need a Mortgage Agreement in Principle to make reasonable offers?
  • Are you thinking of renting out your existing home so you can purchase a new one?
  • Is your existing lender not willing to lend enough or not lend at all?
  • Is your financial situation complex and you’d like some extra help?

Moving Home Advice in Coventry

As part of our Home Moving Mortgage Advice Service, we can look at a majority of things:

  1. Deciding a monthly budget based on the price of your property
  2. Drawing up a Mortgage Agreement in Principle so you are able to back up any offers you make with the Estate Agent
  3. Completing your mortgage application to give you the best chance of getting a good offer
  4. Explaining the different types of property survey that you may wish to undertake
  5. Recommending a trusted local competitively priced Solicitor (if required)
  6. Going through your mortgage offer to make sure all details are correct first time
  7. Recommending any relevant insurances for your new mortgage (if required)

We Work Solely For You!

In Coventry, you will find that other Mortgage Brokers may be tied to Estate Agents, however, we are not, we work solely for you!

We aim to provide an excellent service to every customer that come to us. Being Open & Honest and providing a Fast & Friendly service is what we do best. You can read more about our customer service and our amazing reviews here.

Having Problems With Your Mortgage in Coventry?

Often, customers have come to us due to having some difficulties with their high street bank or other mortgage lenders. This can be down to many reasons:

  1. Type of property they’re buying
  2. Their income and employment i.e. if they’re self-employed
  3. Buying from – or with – another family member
  4. Buying undervalue
  5. Their lender has declined their mortgage application or won’t lend enough
  6. Buying from their landlord
  7. Something else…

If this is the case, it is important that you do not keep trying lots of different mortgage lenders. This is because lots of attempts in a short amount of time will have a negative impact on your credit score which could well harm your chances of getting a mortgage altogether.

Are You Planning on Moving Home in Coventry?

As a Trusted Mortgage Broker in Coventry with mountains of experience within the mortgage field, we aim to give you that excellent to every customer. With the use of our skilful knowledge within the world of mortgages, we will try our absolute best to match all of your mortgage needs.

At the end of the day, if you are Moving Home in Coventry, we want you to get through the process in the fastest yet least stressful way possible. That’s why we recommend speaking to an Amazing Local Mortgage Advisor in Coventry. They will devote all their time to you, trying to ensure that you come out with the best deal for your personal situation.

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