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We’ve found that a large number of our customers have gone to their own high street bank or building society for mortgage advice before coming to us. Unfortunately, these lenders have often been unable to help due to their strict lending criteria. This can bring problems particularly for people who have a poor credit score or sometimes banks simply cannot lend enough.

We know that life can be complicated and high street lenders can struggle to accommodate this. The demand for help with less common mortgage issues is certainly on the rise.

Here are some of the situations we deal with on a daily basis:

  • The bank not lending enough
  • Poor credit score, or a credit score that falls short
  • You do not meet your bank’s lending criteria
  • Capital raising and remortgaging
  • How your income is made up, i.e. dividends, salary, drawings, benefits, net profit etc
  • Your employment status, i.e. professional, contract, freelance, self-employed, employed or business owner
  • The property type you’re interested in buying, for example, non-standard construction properties, apartment blocks or high rise flats
  • Renting out your existing property so you can buy a new one – Let to Buy Mortgage Advice
  • Mortgage lenders who won’t deal with you directly
  • Taking too long to get an appointment with your bank
  • The existing demands on your credit
  • Marital status issues, like divorce and separation or buying someone out
  • Changing employer or starting a new job
  • Self-employment or changing the status of your company
  • Buying a property from (or with) a family member
  • Buying a property you’ve been renting from a landlord
  • Maternity leave
  • Buying a property below market value
  • Needing a quick decision
  • Removing someone from a mortgage
  • Anything else

If your situation is not listed above, we’re still very likely to have the experience to help you. Please do get in touch.

Without the help of a Specialist Mortgage Broker, it can be a minefield trying to work out which lender has which mortgage lending criteria. Firing off mortgage applications left, right and centre will actually have a negative impact on your credit score which will then need rebuilding and could damage your mortgage prospects.

We have access to many specialist mortgage lenders who all have different mortgage lending parameters. It is our job to thoroughly understand your unique financial situation to recommend the most suitable lender for you. We aim to be RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. Every time.

We’re not tied to Estate Agents…

Mortgage Brokers tend to be tied to Estate Agents. We aren’t.

Being totally independent and impartial, we put your best interests first.

Don’t worry, your Coventry Mortgage Advisor is here to help you!

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We are experts in our field and are pleased to help with all Mortgage situations including:

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