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How to Remove a Person from a Mortgage in Coventry

Would you like to remove a person from a mortgage in Coventry?

As a Mortgage Broker in Coventry, we have customers who get in touch to remove a name from a mortgage due to divorce or separation. In this situation, it’s common for homeowners to remove their own name or ex’s name from the mortgage.

If you are going through a divorce or separation, financial commitments should be at the top of your list to sort out. This is something that does seem to be left until last. It’s key to sort this out earlier in the process as it can come with its challenges and be a time-consuming task to complete.

To start, you need to see if you are eligible to be on the mortgage as a sole applicant. A lender, building society or a Mortgage Broker in Coventry will need to assess this as they need to know if you will be able to manage the finances with just your income. Along with this, the person who is staying on the property will need to be able to keep up with the mortgage payments on their own.

Prior to removing a name from a mortgage, both parties must agree. If one party doesn’t agree, this could result in the case being taken to court before they can proceed. This can result in the process becoming time-consuming and costly.

Therefore, seeking specialist Mortgage Advice in Coventry can be helpful to those who are going through a divorce or separation. By doing this, you are able to speak to an expert which can be beneficial further down the line.

Mortgages After Separation & Divorce | MoneymanTV

Need help removing a name?

In the case where you are looking to remove a name from a mortgage, seeking support and help with the process through getting specialist Mortgage Advice in Coventry can be a beneficial option.

Here at Coventrymoneyman, you can speak to a trusted Mortgage Advisor in Coventry who can provide you with a tailored service. Again, the individual that you want to remove off the mortgage will need to agree to be off the mortgage. It can be challenging if they don’t agree to be removed.

We are here 7 days a week to answer any of your mortgage questions and provide a helping hand on your mortgage journey. Contact our team today to book your free mortgage appointment.

The Costs of Buying a Home in Coventry

Moving Home Mortgage Advice in Coventry

As a Mortgage Broker in Coventry, we have had the opportunity to help many First Time Buyer in Coventry and those looking at moving home. Through this time we have found that the most common question we get asked is “How much will this all cost?”.

In this article, we have collated a list of the fees you can expect to pay to help you organise the costs accordingly when buying a new home (and when they become payable).

Estate agency fees

This cost is one for people who are looking at selling their house. These days, we have found a growing interest in online estate agencies with the price of a basic Rightmove listing being as low as £500. On the other hand, for a more tailored and local service with a dedicated sales negotiator, the fee will be roughly around 1-2% of the property price.

Valuation fees

Having a valuation carried out on your chosen property will be something your mortgage lender will want you to do. The reason for those is so they know they are lending against adequate security.

When it comes to the price of a property surveys can differ starting from nil (for a basic valuation with some lenders) up to a few hundred pounds for a more in-depth homebuyers’ report. It could be even more for a Full Building Survey.

The importance of working around the cost is that you always have an element of choice when it comes to the level of detail your survey goes into. This is likely down to the age and the type of property you are looking to buy along with any fears/concerns you have about it.

For more information about property surveys, which survey is best for you and how we can help as a Mortgage Broker in Coventry, check our article on ‘what is a property survey’.

Mortgage arrangement fees

You might find that some mortgage products offer cheaper rates, however, keep in mind that this would come with an arrangement fee which could end up outweighing the benefit. This doesn’t apply to all mortgage lenders, so you may not need to pay anything.

In some cases, you may need to pay these fees upfront or you may be able to add these onto the balance of your mortgage. Keep in mind, that it would mean further interest charges.

Our Mortgage Advisors in Coventry have access to a panel of lenders all offering a range of mortgage products. From this, they will be able to compare mortgage deals with all fees added so we can compare on a like for like basis.

Solicitor’s fees

You will need to factor in the services of a solicitor with their fees varying between firms and largely differ. As an estimate, a straightforward purchase with a local company is £600 for a low-value property.

This will involve you to provide the property address if it’s leasehold or freehold and the amount you are purchasing for it to get accurate quotations.

The key points to cover when asking for a quote are:

  • Ensure the firm includes VAT
  • Ensure the firm includes the cost of any “disbursements.” These are fees such as Land Registry Fees and Local Authority Search Fees
  • Is your Solicitor on your mortgage lenders panel?

Stamp duty

Along with the costs and disbursements that come with paying your solicitor, depending on your situation, you may need to pay this tax that the solicitor collects on the completion of the property purchase. Full details can be found here:

Broker fees

Normally, a Mortgage Broker in Coventry will charge for their service. The amount you pay varies from company to company.

Here at Coventrymoneyman where we provide open and honest Mortgage Advice in Coventry, your dedicated advisor will explain these in more detail within our free initial mortgage appointment.

We would suggest you approach a local company like ourselves instead of a big organisation. Usually, they will charge only on completion instead of any application fees and further costs that could be incurred.

Removal fees

If you are Moving Home in Coventry, the cost of moving your furniture can differ significantly and still can be pretty costly. A cheaper alternative is to hire a van and carry out the work yourself. Finding a local man with a van could be slightly more in price than hiring your own van. On the flip side, a professional van service could cost you high hundreds, early thousands.

Mortgage Advice in Coventry

Do Gambling Transactions Look Bad on My Bank Statements?

Lenders will look out for a variety of things when it comes to assessing your bank statements. They do this in order to see what your spending behaviours are like to determine whether or not you will keep up with your mortgage payments or not. A common question we find crops up when speaking to customers is: “do gambling transactions look bad on my bank statements”.

What Do Lenders Look For On My Bank Statements? | MoneymanTV

Mortgage Questions to Consider

What has it got to do with the lender whether I gamble or not?

You might enjoy putting down an annual bet on the grand national or regularly use internet betting sites, as you can tell, there is nothing illegal about properly licensed gambling. It is known to be a popular hobby or pastime with many bookmakers advertising it on mainstream TV and radio.

If you have seen these adverts, you have probably noticed that they always urge customers to ‘please gamble responsibly’ and this is an important point you should think about when applying for a mortgage. It’s not the lender’s job to dictate your spending habits or moralise the ethical pros and cons of gambling, however, they do have a duty (underscored by mortgage regulation) to lend responsibly.

Think about it this way, if lenders need to prove to the regulators that they are making well-judged lending decisions, it’s fair for them to expect a similar approach when it comes to their personal finances. If you were lending your own money would lend it to the applicant who gambles or the one who doesn’t?

Is it still possible to get a mortgage if I’ve got gambling transactions on my recent bank statements?

As stated previously, it is not illegal to gamble. With this in mind, you will not be declined by a mortgage if you have the odd gambling transaction on your bank statements. The lender will decide whether these transactions are reasonable and responsible. They will look in detail of how frequent these transactions are, the size of the transactions in connection with the person’s income and the impact upon the account balance.

Having infrequent small gambling transactions that make little difference on a regular credit bank balance will not likely be seen as important. On the flip side, placing bets most weeks or being constantly overdrawn, the lender will view your spending behaviours as irresponsible and decline your application.

Is there anything else lenders wouldn’t want to see on my bank statements?

As you know, lenders will look at your bank statements to basically see how you manage your money and to help them determine whether they are confident in you managing payments or not.

Lender are financial institutions that either directly or as part of a wider group, usually sell current accounts, overdraft facilities credit cards and personal loans, therefore, you need to know that these factors all go towards wise financial planning. It’s good for a mortgage applicant to know how these facilities are managed. You might have an overdraft facility and occasionally use it, which is not essentially a bad thing, however, exceeding the overdraft limit regularly which is not so good. If you have excess overdraft fees or returned direct debits, these would be things lenders will look for and will show them that your account is not being managed well.

As well as this, lenders will also look for credit transactions from pay-day loan companies; “undisclosed” loan repayments (i.e. if you said on the application that you have no other loans but there is regular loan payments appearing, this could be an issue). They would also look out for any missed payments and they see how much of a typical month is spent in overdraft – i.e. you might go into credit on payday and for the rest of the month you are overdrawn, you need to wonder how you would manage with a mortgage.

What can I do to improve things?

You can be sensible and plan ahead if you can. Usually, a bank still request up to three months of your most recent bank statements. These documents will show your salary credits and all your regular bill payments. Because of this, it’s best that you avoid any of the situations above, especially if you are looking to apply for a mortgage in the near future. You could avoid gambling for short period and work on presenting your bank account in the best way.

Seeking help and support from Mortgage Broker in Coventry can be helpful because there are some lenders who may ask for fewer bank statements than others or may not request them at all. Despite this, lenders do still have the right to reserve the right to request bank statements in particular circumstances so it’s best that you be as prudent as possible when you are in the midst of any mortgage application. Remember, if you do gamble, please gamble responsibly!

Get in Touch With a Mortgage Broker in Coventry

In the circumstance where you are a First Time Buyer in Coventry who doesn’t have a lot of knowledge about mortgages, it’s you get some specialist advice from an expert Mortgage Advisor in Coventry. Throughout the process, your dedicated advisor will provide a helping hand with your application and work hard in getting you up to date so that lenders will be impressed.

A Guide to Remortgages in Coventry: Top Reasons to Consider

Going through the mortgage journey will prove to be beneficial. The process can come with its ups and downs, however, you will finish the process with one potential outcome when your term ends.

Getting a mortgage is a major financial commitment, for example, you’ll need to keep on top of your payments and know when your fixed-term is ending.  

When it comes to the length of fixed-term mortgage, this varies depending on the product you take out. Generally, mortgages will come in 2-year, 3-year or 5-year fixed terms. You may find that you take out an even longer fixed term like 7 or 10 years, however, this is down to your circumstance.

If you are coming to the end of your fixed term, it will be time for you to take out a new product because your current one has ended. This is when a remortgage occurs.

In some instances, you may be able to remortgage early, however, this could result in you having to pay a bigger fee ( early repayment charge) because you are switching early.  

What is a Remortgage?

Let’s begin with looking at what a Remortgage actually is. A Remortgage involves you taking out a new mortgage to pay off a mortgage that you already have. You may have a variety of options when taking out a Remortgage, some options being bigger than others.

When you take out another mortgage product to replace your current one, this is called a remortgage. You may know this is a product transfer, however, the big difference is that a remortgage is when you take out a product with a different lender and a product transfer involves you taking out a new product with your current lender.

This sounds pretty straightforward when you put it that way, however, it’s finding the right product that makes it challenging. There are a plethora of varying deals and rates on offer, which means you may need to do a lot of looking around so that you can find the most suitable deal for you. 

There are a number of reasons why people choose to remortgage, you might want to find a better rate, improve your home or consolidate debts or something else. 

Remortgage For Better Interest Rates

Usually, an average fixed mortgage term lasts between 2 and 5 years. Within this time, you will be paying off capital as well as interest. Therefore, 2-5 years later, you may find yourself in a lower loan-to-value bracket which allows you to access better rates.

With this in mind, this is why people choose to remortgage, as they risk falling onto their lender’s standard variable rate of interest (SVR). Tracker mortgages “follow” the Bank of England’s base rate. If interest rates fall, you’ll make lower payments to your lender.

If interest rates rise, your payments will increase. Along with this, lenders will put an additional percentage onto this base rate so you’re usually a rate between 2-4%. Tracker mortgage will work similarly to your lender’s SVR mortgages.

Remortgage For Home Improvements

You might feel that your current home could do with some improvements like a new extension or conversions. This might be an option if you decide to remortgage.  

When you start the process, you will get an estimation of the costs of the improvements. As soon as you have an estimate of how much the work would cost, you might be able to incorporate these costs into your mortgage when you take out a new product. This could make your monthly payments increase it, however, you will be able to fund that extension or loft conversion. 

This can be an easier option compared to going through the process of Moving Home in Coventry as this can be a stressful experience. Therefore, if you are looking to grow your family, want to add value to your home or just want to revamp your home, remortgage for home improvements might be the option for you.  

Remortgage for Changes to Your Term

You might find that you want to extend or shorten your whole term in order to switch to a more flexible product.  

In the event that you want to shorten your term, you will be able to pay off your mortgage a lot quicker. On the other hand, a shorter term can also result in higher repayments. If you decide to lengthen your term, this can lower your payments but does mean you will be paying off your mortgage for longer. 

You usually decide if you want to extend your term or not when it comes to remortgage time. Choosing to shorten your term may also give you the option to overpay, which can help you pay off your mortgage quicker.  

A flexible mortgage deal may sound appealing to you but, they do usually come in the form of a tracker mortgage. This type of mortgage is tracks the Bank of England’s base rate of interest, with this rate potentially fluctuating depending on the overall economic performance. Because of this, your payments may change each month. When the interest rates change, so do your payments.  

Remortgage to Release Equity

If you have owned a property for a lengthy amount of time, it’s very likely there is a lot of equity within it. Equity is the difference between what is still owed on the mortgage and the current value of the property. You might find that you can remortgage and release some of the equity to turn it into a lump sum of cash.  

This cash can be used for anything you want. This cash could go towards a deposit on another home, buy a new car or even pay for a wedding with it – it’s your choice! 

Through our experience as a Mortgage Broker in Coventry, we find that Buy to Let landlords release equity in order to put forward a deposit onto another property which then expands their portfolio. 

If you are aged 55+ and have a property valued around at least £70,000, it may be worth looking at your options for Equity Release in Coventry. Speak to an open & honest later life mortgage advisor to learn more about this.

Remortgage to Consolidate Debt

In the circumstance where you have built up some unsecured debt and are looking to incorporate this in to your mortgage, in some cases, this can be possible. We always advise you to speak with an expert Mortgage Advisor in Coventry because of the complexity that comes with debt consolidation. 

The reason this option can be challenging is that it is not only based on how much you owe and your property value, your credit rating is also factored in. You need to regard the fact that you’re trying to incorporate large sums into your mortgage which means your total mortgage amount will increase. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you are in need of a mortgage expert because you have bad credit. Here at Coventrymoneyman, we have debt consolidation experts that will be happy to help with your needs. 

Experienced Mortgage Advisors in Coventry – Get in Touch

When you are coming towards the end of your fixed mortgage term, you might want to start looking at your remortgage options. It’s best to begin looking around 6 months before your deal ends, it may be time to begin looking around for deals. Our team can help take as much stress away by helping you through the process. 

Book a free remortgage appointment online today. Within this appointment, you can speak to one of our knowledgable advisors who are here 7 days a week to provide open and honest Remortgage Advice in Coventry. Our goal is to provide help and support throughout the process and find you a suitable deal for your personal and financial circumstances. 

Buying a Property With a Partner or Friend in Coventry?

Buying a Property with Other in Coventry

Beginning the journey of finding a property and obtaining a mortgage can be daunting for many homebuyers, particularly if they are going through the process on their own.

As a Mortgage Broker in Coventry, we have spoken to a number of First Time Buyers in Coventry who have decided to buy a property with a friend or partner if they are able to.

A part of the process will involve the advisor carrying out an affordability assessment in which they will ask you about your financial situation. This will give us an idea of the maximum mortgage amount. In the case where there is two applicants, lenders will factor in both of the applicants’ income. Due to two sources of income being on the mortgage, it can increase your chance of getting a mortgage offer.

In the event that you were to default, your co-borrower could also be responsible for the full mortgage, and vice versa.

Below is a list of helpful tips we advise you consider when moving into a property with a friend or partner.

Should I Buy a House With a Friend or Partner? | MoneymanTV

How many people can jointly own a property?

This all goes down to which lender you are with, however, you will usually be able to co-borrow with up to four people jointly.

As much as having more people involved can work well with getting accepted, it’s best to keep in mind that this does increase your chance of someone pulling out before the term ends. Therefore, you need to be mindful of the people are choosing to buy a property with.

There is the option to increase your mortgage later if you want to, however, all parties need to agree to this. Keeping this in mind, it’s best to plan ahead for your future and your plans for the property.

Joint tenancy or tenancy in common – what’s the difference?

Joint tenancy is an option that is more popular with civil partnerships or married couples. In the eyes of the law, joint tenants are two halves of one whole, one borrower. Therefore, in a tragic event where one half of the party passes away, the property would automatically be given to the other half.

In the circumstance, where you are looking to remortgage or sell the property, both of you would have agreed prior to proceeding with the mortgage.

A ‘Tenancy in Common’ can be an option if you and your co-borrower are friends or family. This means that you both own your part of the property.

You don’t need to split your shares equally either. Therefore, if you find that one of you is on a higher income, for example, one of you will own more of the property than the other.

One benefit of being a ‘Tenant in Common’ is that you can have the freedom to act independently so it’s your choice if you want to sell or give away your share.

Joint mortgage & removing names

What happens if you jointly own a mortgage, but your co-borrower(s) stop meeting the mortgage payments?

A mortgage lender will stress that all borrowers are jointly and severally liable. Due to this, you will be responsible to keep up the payments if one person decides not to pay their part of the mortgage.

How do I remove my ex-husband/wife from my mortgage?

If you are looking to buy a home with your other, you never really expect that you’re going to split up before the term ends. It is a big financial commitment to make, let alone with someone else, and can be a difficult process if you want to make changes.

This can be even more challenging if children are involved because it is likely that one parent will stay with them whilst you are the one who will move out and possibly find your own mortgage. Regardless of whether you are staying or going, both parties will need the help of a Mortgage Advisor in Coventry.

Even if the person has been paying the mortgage with the input of their ex or not, this doesn’t change the fact that it was applied for in a joint name. This means that in the event of arrears, they will still chase both parties.

Prior to removing your ex-partner from a mortgage, the lender will need to be sure that you will be able to maintain mortgage payments by reassessing your income before they proceed.

It can be common for people to apply jointly for the second time with a friend, family member or new partner if they are will struggle to afford a mortgage on their own. In this circumstance, it can be beneficial to obtain Mortgage Advice in Coventry.

How do I remove my name from my ex-partner’s mortgage?

As mentioned, in the circumstance where you may end up divorcing or separating from your partner while on a mortgage, you are both still responsible for the property and its mortgage payments.

Firstly, you would need to get in touch with your lender if you were the one who wanted your name removed from your mortgage. You can’t just make an agreement between the two of you.

In the situation where you are looking to get a mortgage of your own, the lender would take into consideration the property you are currently tied to. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that you are removed from the previous mortgage.

Circumstances like these will require you to look at getting Mortgage Advice in Coventry.

You will find that some lenders will be more generous than other when it comes to how much they will be willing to lend you. This is something your allocated Mortgage Advisor in Coventry will factor this in when recommending the best mortgage lender for you to approach.

First Time Buyer Mortgage Advice in Coventry

5 Top Tips on How to Sell Your House in Coventry

Moving home mortgage advice in Coventry

The general consensus when it comes to Moving Home in Coventry is that a homeowner will need to sell their current home initially. By selling your home, you will release the equity within it ( the amount at which you will sell it for minus your current mortgage balance), then use this amount as a deposit towards your next purchase.

In spite of this, lots of homeowners will not look to sell their property until they have found the new one they would like to buy. As soon as you have found that property, it’s very likely you’ll be selling your home in no time.

It’s all about how you want to market and present your home when it is listed for sale. This can have a significant effect on how quickly your home sells. Below are some key points that can help quicken up the sale process when you are Moving Home in Coventry.

How to sell a house in Coventry: our top tips

1. Attractive Property Prices

Even though many sellers do know that selling your home over the price can become problematic, we do still find people go for the Estate Agents recommendation. They will usually suggest the highest potential sale price.

With websites like Zoopla and Rightmove increasingly at the forefront of the property market, buyers can easily view newly listed properties at attractive prices. Keep in mind that if you have no interest at the start, there’s a high chance that your home has been overvalued.

2. Kerbside Appeal

In terms of your property viewings, it’s best that you have a look around your own home from the perspective of someone who is looking at your home for the first time. Your property needs to have that “kerbside appeal”. This is when the first impression a viewer has on your home, needs to be a positive one.

Little details go a long way so consider freshly jet-washing your drive and cutting any hedges and grass in the front garden. Obviously, these won’t be the main factors that will sell the property, however, it shows a buyer that you have taken great care of your home.

Furthermore, this will help build an attractive approach to your home and will mean the buyer will generally expect the inside to be just as nice. While you are washing the drive and cutting the garden, it’s a good time to have a good tidy up and clean up too. If there is anything left in the front of the property like bikes or toys, make sure you put these away.

3. Tidy up the inside of your home

When you have sorted out the exterior of your home to make it tidy, then you need to begin looking at the inside of your home. Make sure you have a thorough inspection of each room, in particular, your kitchen and bathroom.

Below are some key points to consider:

  • The inside of your cupboards and wardrobes are immaculate and organised.
  • If anyone smokes in the house, it’s good to let some fresh air in by opening the windows.
  • All interior doors look new and fresh by painting them.
  • Brass fixtures should be polished as well as making sure they open and close well.

The overall atmosphere in your home should be welcoming and relaxing for your buyer, therefore, maybe look at arranging for any pets or young children to be out of the house when the viewing happens. This can also minimise any distractions.

If you do have a family and live in a property that is perfect for someone to grow a family, look at adding these touches to your property. Placing family pictures around the home can be a brilliant way for a buyer to build a picture of what it may be like to bring up a family in the home.

Visuals are key throughout property viewing. Build up an appealing aesthetic throughout your home by adding little details like colour-coordinated towels and other bits of home decor. To push this further, remove any clothes or items you don’t use daily to make the rooms look spotless and clean.

4. Making your back garden presentable

It’s very likely that the back garden will be the final place buyers will look, therefore, it’s important you live an excellent lasting impression. It’s likely that the viewer would want to look at the inside of your garage or shed, therefore, don’t just put everything in there, make sure you give it a good tidy.

As mentioned for the front of the garden, it’s good to cut the grass in the back garden and trimming any overgrown hedges to make it look tidy. Something else to keep in mind is looking at weeding along the paths and walkways to make it even neater.

If you have it, maybe look at the current state of your fences. Try and make them tidier by covering any holes and adding a fresh coat of paint.

5. Personal touches

Many viewers like to hear a first-hand experience of what it’s like living in the property they are interested in. With this in mind, it’s best to carry out viewings in person. You can sell it in the most personal way possible and will be likely more passionate about your home.

By doing this, you will be able to provide an honest experience by highlighting any small issues you have found over the years. It’s best to balance out the good and the bad of the home to the buyer so this will definitely help achieve this.

If you are showing the buyer around yourself, it’s important to give them space. Give them time to walk around on their own when appropriate so they can feel comfortable talking amongst themselves about their opinions of the place.

The final point to keep in mind is the emotions attached to buying a home. You may find that your viewers have experienced owning a home before so could be looking at Moving Home in Coventry themselves.

For an emotional touch to their viewing experience, it’s good to mention how living in the home has been an important part of your life whether it’s where you have raised a family or it was your first home. This can impact viewers on the emotional impact the home has had and adds a personal touch to the property overall.

Experienced Mortgage Advisors in Coventry

Buying a New House in Coventry | 9 Questions to Ask

Moving Home Mortgage Advice in Coventry

The home buying journey can come with its challenges and can sometimes be stressful. As a Mortgage Broker in Coventry, we understand this which is why we want the process to go as swift as possible.

Below we have compiled 9 questions that are key to ask when buying a house in Coventry to help you in your next house viewing:

1. How much interest has there been in the property/development?

Newly built properties have become increasingly popular which means that you need to be quick when securing one if you are interested in purchasing a newly built home. The reason for this is that newly built homes are mostly utilised by taking out a Help to Buy Mortage which provides support to First Time Buyers in Coventry to get on the property ladder.

Knowing the number of people who have viewed or enquired about the property, will allow you to extinguish how long you have to think and make a decision if you want to proceed.

Generally, new properties seem to be sold much quicker. On the other hand, this doesn’t always mean that older properties don’t sell any quicker. Either way, we recommend you are prepared to act swiftly, in particular, for properties with a lot of interest.

2. Is there a chain?

Whether or not the property is a part of a chain can have a large impact on many aspects of your buying experience.

In the case where there is no onward chain, there is more of a chance that you will be able to move in quickly if you’re not part of a chain yourself.

Buyers who don’t need to sell their own property first can be seen as more favourable to sellers. This is because you won’t be holding up the buying process and can be a good point to make in the negotiating process for sellers who are looking to move into a new home. If this is your situation, use this to your advantage when negotiating.

3. What’s included in the sale?

For buyers who aren’t looking to purchase a new build property, it’s common to find that previous owners have left some items behind. Most of the time, these items include white goods and sheds and are available within the deal. This can be super helpful for many buyers, however, if you decide you don’t want these items, it’s your responsibility to dispose of them.

Sometimes, new build properties do offer optional extras you can buy and will be ready for you on the day you move in.

4. What are the neighbours like?

Seeing what your neighbours are like can be important. It’s something that many people overlook but it can make or break a homeowners living experience.

For those moving into a new development, it will be a fresh start for everyone which means there is scope to create a friendly community but can be a risk if you clash with them.

5. How much does it cost to run?

When it comes to running costs, this can range from house to house. Therefore, it’s good to do research and ask the right questions. Look into the price of Council Tax and the average spend on utilities by asking a seller or researching online. By doing this, you are working out a rough budget for each property.

6. Which way does the house face?

For some, the way the house faces can be at the top of a homebuyer’s list. If you are looking for a south-facing garden, this can come with a premium cost because you will receive the most sun throughout the day.

7. How much work will be required after moving in?

This is something that could majorly affect your budget. Factors to find out include:

  • Improving energy efficiency
  • Addressing damp problems
  • Changing the décor

8. Are you open to offers?

For First Time Buyers in Coventry, this may be difficult especially if they have no mortgage experience. Therefore, Home Movers may have more of an advantage.

Negotiating regularly happens within the house-buying process. With this in mind, it can be key to learn about how to make an offer on a property if you are interested in order to act quickly.

Consider speaking to the seller or estate agent to see what is seen as too low or too high and find out if any other offers have been made or rejected.

Check out our video about making an offer on a property and the tips you can consider in when negotiating as a First Time Buyer in Coventry.

9. When can we move in?

When you have decided on a property, it’s then time to see when you can start making the place your home. This may have been mentioned briefly when asking some of the questions earlier on in the process. However, having an official date in your calendar means you can plan the other jobs you need to do like instructing a conveyancing solicitor, sorting out your belongings and arranging a removal van.

Mortgage Advice in Coventry

We hope this list of questions to ask when buying a house can help you through the buying process. If you are interested in help and support through your homebuying journey, get in touch with us and we can provide you with the open and honest Mortgage Advice in Coventry you need.

Can I Have 2 Mortgages in Coventry?

Specialist Mortgage Advice in Coventry

Managing one mortgage can come with its challenges so imagine having to juggle two.

Regardless of this, there are a large variety of reasons why an individual may look at managing another mortgage. Through our experience as a Mortgage Broker in Coventry, we find that the most common reason why someone may look at this option is that they are a landlord looking to take out another Buy to Let Mortgage in Coventry.

If you are in this situation or something similar, we have a team of Mortgage Advisors in Coventry who will work hard to achieve your goal of obtaining a second mortgage.

Can I Have Two Mortgages? | MoneymanTV

The process works by the lender getting an insight into your current mortgage affordability, income and expenditure so they can get a more financial picture of who you are before they potentially accept your offer for a second mortgage. Just like with your initial mortgage, they need to know that you can afford another mortgage.

Furthermore, you may need to put down a larger deposit on this mortgage, somewhere between 15-40%.

Why would you take out a second mortgage?

As mentioned there are plenty of reasons why people will look at taking out a second mortgage with some being more common than others. Below are a few of the more popular reasons we have come across through the years providing fast & friendly Mortgage Advice in Coventry.

Second mortgage for a Buy to Let

A Buy to Let is a property that you rent out and do not live in. This is an option suitable for current or aspiring landlords.

When it comes to Buy to Lets, it’s very likely that you will need to put down a higher deposit amount. With any Buy to Let, you are required to put down an amount that is between 25-40% loan to value rate.

Buy to Let mortgage repayments and your current mortgage work the exact same. It will involve monthly bills and interest rates will apply.

In the case where you are taking out a second mortgage for a Buy to Let property, seeking a knowledgeable Buy to Let expert can be very helpful. Here at Coventrymoneyman, we have built close relationships with many landlords in the area for many years and have provided a helping hand with them when it comes to remortgages on their property.

Second mortgage for a Let to Buy

Let to Buy goes through the same process as a Buy to Let. When it comes to Moving Home in Coventry to a property that you’re purchasing and renting out your current one. The deposits and payments will stay the same as a Buy to Let because you’re still taking out two mortgages.

As well as Buy to Let, our expert Mortgage Advisors in Coventry have many years in working with Let to Buys. Book your free mortgage appointment with one of our advisors to see whether you are eligible or not.

Second mortgage to purchase a home for your children

This situation is increasingly more popular, especially in recent years. We have found many parents being aware of the challenge of getting onto the property ladder and the costs of a mortgage.

Because of the ever-growing rise of inflation and property prices, First Time Buyers in Coventry are needing help and support to move home. In some cases, many people require a bit more than a gifted deposit.

We generally find that applicants get the help they need from grandparents and parents. This is due to the fact that it’s likely they have already paid off their mortgage and are able to afford it to help. If you do get help from a family member, they will also need to pass the lender’s affordability checks so they can afford to keep up payments for their child’s and grandchild’s mortgage.

Second mortgage to raise funds

If you are looking to take equity out of your home to raise funds, people normally use the money for home improvements, debt consolidation, pursuing a big purchase like a car or funding a wedding. Furthermore, some people look to release equity and take out another mortgage.

This circumstance is also known as a further advance. This is when you borrow more from your current lender to fund something like home improvements or a second mortgage.

You may be wondering how much can borrow, however, this all comes down to the amount of equity in your property and you will still need to show that you can afford the additional mortgage amount as well as your existing one.

Named on an existing mortgage and want to buy a new home?

We do find that removing a name from a mortgage can be a challenge to many which result in many people leaving their name on the mortgage. Your name may still be on the mortgage, there is a possibility that you can take an additional mortgage in your own name.

It’s likely you choose this option if you are going through a recent divorce or separation. Sadly, financial commitments should be at the forefront of your mind if you are in a situation like this.

If you are looking to take out a second mortgage in your sole name, you may find some difficult to get accepted. Your lender will be aware that you are a sole applicant and are still linked to another mortgage. Regardless of whether you’ve made agreements with your ex-partner that you will still contribute to their mortgage payments, they will view this as a potential liability.

This is where it can be very complex and stressful, however, speaking to a Specialist Mortgage Advisor in Coventry could help with this. We have experienced advisors who can provide the appropriate divorce and separation Mortgage Advice in Coventry. If you are looking for further information regarding this, book your free mortgage appointment to speak to an advisor today.

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